Here are some words from the man behind the idea, Klaus Peter Bak

“First of all I have to say, that the eCool is a very, very danish product. We know that it function here in Denmark and in Scandinavia. People here have used the method of cooling and frost protection in the ground for centuries – before electricity. How it works where you are located – we really don’t know…

Launching our new website (20 days ago) we had the purpose to get in touch with Scandinavians, maybe Canadian’s and Russians, places who all are located on the same latitude as Scandinavia. But now the whole world wants it… a challenge we haven’t seen coming!
We are restructuring the business right now – to keep up with the demands and to go in a larger scale. And we have ideas for a whole eCool family.

The eCool v.1 is the scandinavian model. We are right now extending our patent with an eCooler for warmer places – The eCool v.2

About us

I’am an architect – with my own firm now for 25 years this fall. I got the idea for the eCool for about 7 years ago.. sitting in my garden.
The eCool have 4 owners – the 3 others are: 1. My partner for 25 years in the architect firm: Ole Davidsen 2. My brother in law – who owns a mini market/kiosk: Viggo Berg Andersen 3. The local chimney sweeper: Haagen B. Sorensen

We are all 50+, and the latest success with eCool – we handle it very, very calm..,we know that it’s gonna be hard work, to move the business to a higher level.
The eCool has until now been our little “baby” – the last 4 years we have sold about 800 pieces – 200 a year. (that’s what we sold last week). Out of this 800 – we only had about 2 complaints … so we trust the product to go to larger scale now.

It seems that it’s the moment now for eCool…a week after the new website went viral – the patent was approved… what a timing! The application for the patent was submitted in 2009…

We come from the little island Mors in the northern Jutland – a location who really needs jobs and an increase in population. So the local authorities and business environment is backing us up – any way they can.”

24th of June 2014